Posted by: smortimer | 2009/07/07

Getting back on the horse

Ok so it’s been a really long time since I have posted anything meaningful.  I have been a little busy, but mostly I have just seemed to be stuck in a rut.  So coming home from work today I was determined to do something to try and get motivated again.

I started looking at some web tutorials on using Dreamweaver as well as just some basic web site design stuff.  Then I got out my Palm TX and started adding reminders for things.  A friend suggested to me that I should have semi-random reminders prompting me to be always thinking/doing something productive.  So I have made some basic pop ups on my Palm for general am I doing something useful, as well as specific reminders for posts on this site, on TGK and some other personal development type things.  I will see how these work out for me and add/modify them.

I think it’s working, I am feeling better now than I was all day.  I am feeling a little motivated, actually have had an idea or two!

I need to be more active in keeping myself focussed and working on things.  I guess I have a very reactive personality, I very easily slip into a state where all I do is react to things.  The longer I go this way the harder it is for me to get back into my groove again.  Since I am actively recognizing this now, I can hopefully use my reminders to stop the slide from happening again.

What are some of your tricks for staying on track?  Leave a comment and maybe we can all help each other out.


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