Posted by: smortimer | 2010/03/08

Wet Shaving

For years I have hated shaving. I did it only when I had to. Two or three times a week at max, and on days where I might have a job interview, when I met my future in laws and on my wedding day. Shaving left my face irritated and itchy. I tried all the sensitive shaving creams and gels you could find in a can. Nivea, Neutrogena, Gilette you name it and I have most likely tried it. I bought the newest and the best multibladed razors, five blades obviously must better than 3 right? Right?
Back in 1999 I got a shaving brush and a tub of shaving cream from the Body Shop, and it made shaving much less terrible. I still had a lot to learn though, there is a technique to creating lather with a brush. And I had no idea what it was. I wet the brush, smushed it into the tub of cream and got it good and coated in the thick soapy paste. Then I smeared it all over my face getting a really heavy layer of cream all over my face. It made for a very comfortable shave, I could even go over some areas twice with how slippery my face ended up. And shaving was not so bad for a while. The problem was that the body shop cream wasn’t really cheap and lathering like this I was going through a tub really really fast.
So I only picked it up once in a while or I received some as a gift on my birthday or maybe at Christmas. So I pretty much went back to the irritation and itchiness.
A few months ago I found I finally learned the proper way to use a shaving soap or cream. I now have an entire shaving ritual, using hot water, hot face cloth, my brush, a bowl and some good shaving soap. I enjoy shaving. I get smoother, closer shaves and I can shave two days in a row. In fact skipping a day actually makes me miss it.
I have gone ahead and ordered a Merkur 23c safety razor and some double edged razor blades. I will no longer have to pay Gilette $2+ per cartridge, instead I can pay $0.25 per blade and know that I am not putting little plastic cartridges into a land fill.
I finally understand what after shave is actually for. And I enjoy starting my day off with a comfortable, close shave!


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