Posted by: smortimer | 2009/06/03

Still Learning

Last night I played around with TGK a fair bit.  I have installed and activated the stats plugin to track visits to the site, I have applied for and been approved for google adsense, and I have dl’ed and installed an adsense plugin.  I have activated some ads on the page now, but I am not sure I like the way it looks right now.  I will keep tinkering, in the meantime if anyone knows anything about adsense I would appreciate any tips you might have for me.  🙂

I will continue on with learning about wordpress and website design, and now I can add google adsense and various other plugins that I have found.  I like learning, I think along with cooking things it is when I am most enjoying life.  Well also when playing with my daughter, but really that is a learning process too.  She can recite the part from Aladdin now where Aladdin invites Jasmine for a magic carpet ride.  And she can be either part.  “how’d you do that?”  “it’s a magic carpet” “it’s lovely.”  . . .  I guess I can recite most of it now too!

I met with my entrepreneur friend again last night, we went to Burger Shoppe, I reviewed it on TGK.  We talked about staying focused, different ways to keep to our list of goals.  This is something I have struggled with, as I am sure many of you have as well.  My friend uses reminders on his PDA/cell phone, randomly throughout the day to ask himself whether or not he is “doing something productive”.  This little reminder stops him in whatever he is doing at the time and forces him to ask  “Is what I am doing right now, going to help me in acheiving my goals”.  So simple and really quite brilliant.  How many of us do not carry some kind of electronic device with a calendar/task list on it?  Pretty any of the cell phones these days have them, you don’t need the so called “Smart phones” to do it.  Just set a reminder to go off every hour or so, whatever works for you, with the text: are you being productive.  I am going to try it!

I still have the problem of carrying around too much stuff.  This was also one of the things we talked about last night.  I have my work Blackberry and of course a Blackberry would be perfect for setting up my reminders.  I am hesitant about using the work device for personal things though.  Both because technically we are not supposed to, and also because if and when I leave this job I will lose the BB, and so all the things I have put into it.  I have my personal notebook, that I use for blogging and working on the website, when I am on call (like last month) I also have to carry around my work notebook.  I have a Palm TX, an iPod and sometimes my PSP.  Plus various chargers.  One quick win seems to be leave the chargers at home.  I just need to be better at charging things regularly.

I have some things to think about and work on, like always.  Do you have any productivity tips you can share?


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