Posted by: smortimer | 2009/05/25


Yesterday I played golf for the first time in around 5 or 6 years.  It was also the first time I have played an entire 18 holes.  I have only been golfing maybe 5 or 6 times and when I have gone before it was to a 9 hole course.  So yesterday was a big change for me.

Apparently the Golf Gods were smiling upon us.  We had some amazing weather, had to be the best day of the year.  Not a cloud in the sky, not too hot with just enough breeze to keep us cool, but not enough to affect our game.

And now I am sunburned.  It was too nice to wear the hat I got especially for golf, so my nose, neck, face and ears are bright red.  My forearms are almost glowing they are so red.  And because I had a golf glove on my left hand for most of the day, my left hand is normal and the back of my right hand is burned.  All in all I am a comical picture.

I really enjoyed the golf though.  I have been kind of avoiding playing for quite some time now.  It is expensive, it’s just walking around chasing a little white ball, it’s for snobs etc.  I got a set of clubs from my father in law when he got some new ones, walking in the nice weather is very nice, and I like a challenge.  In fact I made some significant improvement from the front 9 to the back 9 yesterday.  All in all a very good time.

Saturday I did manage to grill up some very nice sirloin steaks and portabello mushroom caps.  Yesterday after all the sun and golfing I was too pooped to do any bar-b-q’ing.  I will get my recipe for the mushrooms up soon.



  1. I think I like the driving range more than I like actual golf. We should go sometime.

    • I am planning to hit the range this week! 🙂

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