Posted by: smortimer | 2009/05/19

Finally finished

I did it at long last!  I finished my bench!

Finished garden bench

It’s pretty comfy, except that the back should really be a few inches higher.  The seat looks too deep, but it is nice to sit on.  I think I may look for a cushion so I can relax in the backyard.

Sideways garden bench

There it is from the side.  I am thinking of making a book shelf next.

Now I am always looking for tools when I am at Home Depot or Canadian Tire.  I never bothered all that much before.  HD has a router table, that comes with a plunge router.  It would look so good in my garage!  I think I am going to save up for a table saw next though.

I will have a longer post for tomorrow.  I made a risotto yesterday and I am going to put up the recipe with illustrated instructions!



  1. wow this is great! I’ve been reading your blog every once and a while and I’m so glad your keeping up with your goals. It’s really awesome! I miss you guys! Send my love to everyone.
    Your cousin,

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