Posted by: smortimer | 2009/05/15

Roasty toasty green tea

So all this healthy eating stuff has been happening and I have been trying to drink more water, 100% juice, and tea.  Specifically green tea.  Luckly the company I work for provides coffee and several kinds of tea, including green teas.  We have one of those automatic coffee machines where you use a little prepacked pack of coffee/tea/hot chocolate.  The tea from this machine is awful.  I don’t know if that is because it is using all the same pipes as the coffee, or just because tea doesn’t come out well in this format.  But it’s terrible!  We do also have some tea in bags and a kettle for boiling water, and just this week we now have one of those instant hot water dispensers.  I have been trying to drink at least one and if I remember two cups of green tea at work a day.  Problem is our green tea bags are boring.  So I was getting really sick of them.

Luckily my coworker brought in some Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea.  This stuff is great!  It has this nutty flavour on top of the greeny flavour.  The only problem is it’s a loose leaf tea and the strainer thingy isn’t fine enough for this tea.  So the last few sips are more like chews sometimes.

Now this did cause a small dilema for me on the home front.  Apparently my wife has brought home roasted rice green tea before and I said I didn’t like it.  And I made the mistake of calling the tea we have at work “Japanese” tea because this particular variety is from Japan.  My wife is Korean and there is a bit of an animosity there, and so I was told that “the Japanese must have stolen our(Korean’s) idea then!”  Shows what this Canadian guy knows about tea and politics in Asia.

I am going to go on a Green tea shopping mission and see what other kinds I can find.



  1. When I was in Beijing last summer I brought back some Oulong tea. I loved the taste, although my cousin told me she thought it smelled like feet when I served her a cup of it. But she did like the taste (which kind of worries me after her smells like feet comment). Anyway, I was told that Oulong is good for digestion.

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