Posted by: smortimer | 2009/05/14


I think I am deep in a sugar withdrawl.  I am feeling groggy, a little stuffed up and quite depressed the last day or two.  Except for this past weekend, I have been off refined sugar for about two weeks now.  I think it is starting to catch up with me.

I am getting better at planning my food for a day.  I have breakfast at home, bring a mid morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack.  As long as I am not at work for too long I am usually pretty good.  I was wondering if I needed to worry about how I was balancing my foods, I felt a bit like I was under-carbing.  I am not trying to cut out carbs at all, just controlling which ones I eat.  So I am working to eat more fruit and find more sources of good carbs.  My flax bread is pretty good I think, and I need to make a better effort to eat my oatmeal.  I have some really good steel cut Irish oats at home, but they take a long time to prepare.  I generally am not getting up early enough during the week to get them ready in time.

This is still not a perfect endeavour by any means, but in the very least I am getting at least 5+servings of fruit and veggies a day.

I have this idea in the back of my head for a slow cooker chili, and I am going to try making my own chili powder.  And I have to refine a couple of my Bar-b-q “recipes” for my co-worker.  So hopefully I will have some new recipes this weekend!


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