Posted by: smortimer | 2009/05/12

Totally Unrefined

My new thing is not eating refined, over processed food.  For most of last week all I ate was freshly prepared meals.  Well ok my lunches were left overs from my weekend bar-b-q’ing.  I did not eat any fast food, no refined sugars, no prepreapared meals.  I had a slight relapse on the weekend and I had some ice cream, and because of Mother’s day we ate out at a restaurant for breakfast so I cannot say how the food was prepared.  So far this week though I am back on track.  No sugar in my coffee, no pop, no McDs or those kinds of places.

So far today I have eaten, two slices of golden flax bread with some organic almond butter, a banana and a glass of water.  I am having a coffee at my desk while I write this, but no sugar just a little bit of cream.  My lunch is approx two cups of romaine lettuce and then another cup and a half to two cups of:  orange, red and yellow peppers, snap peas and tomatoes, plus a chicken thigh that I bar-b-q’ed on Sunday.  I also brought an apple and approx. a third of a cup of cashews.  There are no chemical preservatives in any of the food, the cashews have oil and salt, the almond butter is 100% almonds, and the bread is this healthy stuff that I found in the grocery store.

I actually found it pretty easy to eat this way last week, with the exception that I need to eat a lot more since I am not getting any sugar calories anymore.  I need to get better at eating multiple smaller meals and snacking healthy.

Snacking has always been my weakness.  I can remember being in my teens and on the nights that the Maple Leafs played we would have “Hockey Snacks” usually a large bag of chips each, sometimes a big bag of M&Ms instead.  I used to eat them all too!  Kinda gross really.  But no more for me!

Well I don’t think I am going to be able to give up ice cream 100%, but I am going to find some more natural ice creams, and recipes and make my own if I have to.  My new philosophy, food philosophy I guess, is all natural.  We should eat things in their natural states, not after some machine has pulled all the actual goodness out of it and then pumped chemical replacements back into it.  I don’t think I am ready to go to an entirely “Whole Food” or “Raw” food kind of thing, but I am going about this in a way that feels good to me.



  1. Hey Scott! Great blog site, glad I finally got a chance to check it out.

    My friend Paul has is own ice cream maker and I must say that the ice cream is so much better than what you buy. For Easter he made a simple vanilla ice cream, then made a berry sauce to go on top. I forget how much the makers retail for, but it is less than $150 for a large one.

    Also, can you put up some more salad dressing recipes or some tips on how to make them? I have always wanted to learn, and now that I am cooking more I really want to learn.

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