Posted by: smortimer | 2009/05/07

A new direction

I have thought alot over the past day or so about what I really want to do with this blog.  I have thought about all kinds of different topics I would like to cover, personal finance as I try to get mine in order, parenting as I try and learn to be a good father, and of course food and drink as this is something I am very interested in and passioniate about.

What I have come up with is that part of the reason for doing this blog was for me to try things that interest me and to find out some ways for me to express myself creatively.  I need to do something here that interests me and really motivates me to produce and create.  And so I am going to take this in a totally culinary direction.  I will post recipes that I have tried, recipes that I have created, reviews on products that I have used, and on restaurants I have visited.  I am also going to share my new found belief in eating as naturally as possible, fresh unprocessed foods and easy delicious ways to prepare them.

I am still not exactly sure on how the format will end up, but I plan to be sharing my love for food and drink with you.


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