Posted by: smortimer | 2009/05/04

Weekend events

I almost finished my garden bench yesterday. It would be done except that my drill ran out of batteries and apparently takes forever to recharge. I just have to fasten the last seat board and then I am going to sand and paint it. It did not turn out exactly as I had thought, the seat is a little too deep, and I should have made it a little wider, with some tinkering I think it is a pretty good plan. I changed the seat and back boards to 1×4’s the 2×4’s would have been much too thick.

I should really learn to drill pilot holes too. I split a couple of the boards in places. Though for my first “finished” piece and doing it without a plan I am quite happy with it. It’s very therapeutic for me, building with wood. It’s very much like the feeling I get when I am cooking. Creating is definitely something I need to be doing.

I am going through a bit of life overhaul I think. I was watching the 100 Mile Challenge yesterday and once I again I was struck by how important food is in our lives. I am also more and more interested in trying to lessen my impact on the Earth. Eating local, or (as I saw on a blog recently) being a “Localvore” is I think very important. Of course I think about the things I would have to give up, coffee, Cotes Du Rhone and Bordeaux wine, not to mention spices and seasonings. I am not sure if I could do a hard core 100 mile diet. But I am convinced that I should at least make more of an effort to take advantage of the locally produced food. I am lucky living in Southern Ontario, there are farms all over the place. And I should have no problem during the next few months eating locally.

The bigger problem will be convincing my wife. I don’t think we agree on some of my newer ideas. But I am still very much convinced that this is something I need to do for my daughter as well for myself. I am not 100% sure how I am going to accomplish it but it is something I have to try.

At least I have made some changes. This weekend was a busy one for us and yet I feel more rested than on the weekends I would spend sitting around watching tv/movies or playing video games. Saturday we went to the 3rd birthday party of one of our friend’s son, though afterwards I did a little bit of “resting”. The kind of resting you need after spending the night before with your boss and a coworker sharing 5 bottles of wine. Sunday I worked on the bench, went to Home Depot for the 1×4’s, bar-b-q’ed twice and did laundry. Now I know that is not that much, but this is several weekends in a row for me that I did not spend the majority of it lounging around. I am really starting to build some momentum, and I guess that’s what this whole thing has really been about.

I will get some pictures of the bench for tomorrow.


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