Posted by: smortimer | 2009/04/27

A new week

Another Monday, another week, can’t wait for Friday and the weekend.  This is how I usually start off my Monday morning, sometimes I have this thought as early as when I go to bed on Sunday.  Seems I am always waiting for Friday.  I lose a lot of time this way.  If Monday to Friday is just the filler, it’s really easy to lose my motivation to do things on these days.  So now I am going to change the way I look at the work week.

Starting today I am going to have 3-5 things that I am going to accomplish each week.  And this I am going to:

  • Bring my lunch to work 4 times this week
  • Research and organize my next woodworking project, I will find plans, make a material list and be ready to build it this weekend
  • Drink green tea every day this week
  • Do 30 minutes of physical activity 4 times this week
  • Transfer my existing “Stuff to Do” list from paper onto my notebook/Palm and keep it update
  • Find 3 Slow Cooker recipes that I can easily set up in the morning so that we have a hot dinner after work.
  • Come up with a rough menu for a Food and Wine pairing dinner, 3 courses and suitable for a group of 6-8 people.

Ok that’s more than 5, but a couple of those are not really whole tasks all by themselves.

I don’t want to live my life only on the weekends or my days off.  I am losing too much time that way.  We already lose a third of our lives to sleeping and 40+ hours a week to work.  It’s time to take the weekdays back!

What are you going to do this week?  Leave a comment and we can compare our plans.



  1. Be sure to pass along any good slow cooker recipes you come up with.

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