Posted by: smortimer | 2009/04/22

Garden Frames

After I had dinner last night I was feeling restless.  I didn’t want to just sit and watch tv,  even though we are right in the middle of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!  So I went out to the garage and I built the frames for the two square foot  gardens I am planning.  “Where are you going?” my wife asked me, “To my workshop!” I replied.

before-garden-framesI had 5 1’X6’X8′ boards to start with.  I made the rookie mistake of not making sure I was getting the straightest boards I could find.  But these “boxes” are just going to sit on the ground and be filled with dirt.  They are not meant to be decorative in any way, and this supports my new mentality of try first, perfect later.

A quick measuring and marking with a sharpie and a speed square and I was ready for the mitre saw!  I plan to get some proper carpenter pencils the next time I get to Home Depot.  I love my workbench by the way, no more crawling around on my dirty garage floor for me!  My garage is not really set up as a workspace yet.  I do have some organizing to do, I need better lighting, and some storage for things like screws and other odds and ends.

Here are the boards after cutting:


That is one fine looking workbench!  As you can see these boards are quite warped and bent.  It was pretty interesting trying to make squarish/rectangularish frames out of these.  My plan is to have an 8’X4′ rectangle for my veggies and herbs and then a 4’X4′ square for some flowers and such.  I have started a crop plan for the edibles, but I have a few squares left to plan, and depending on what I can find seeds for my plan may change.

So after some creative construction we have a 4’X4′ sqaure!


I don’t have a picture of the 8′ rectangle, but just imagine it being twice as long as this one.

Things I have learned from this:

  • Be more careful selecting wood and possibly look for a better supplier than Home Depot
  • Predrilling will save a lot of frustration when working with wood,  I split the boards a few times and I really suspect that I will need new frames if I do the gardening again next year
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, my bench is only about 48″ long and so assembling the 8′ frame was more than I could do on my own.  I had to ask my wife to come out and help for a couple of minutes

This weekend I plan to hit the city transfer station, they have clean compost available for free, as well as a garden centre so I can pick up some coarse vermiculite and some peat for the planting mix I will fill these frames with.  I also need to plan out my crops, I will have 32 squares to fill with edibles and 16 squares to fill with decorative plants.

I will post the gardening plans later.


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