Posted by: smortimer | 2009/04/20

My Workbench

After running around Saturday, dropping some boxes off for my mother, going to my brothers work to pick up a mitre saw and then off to home depot to get the wood, Sunday morning I finally started my workbench.

Here are the raw materials I started with:


I used a mitre saw to cut the 2’x4’s to the lengths I needed and I had the large 8’x4′ sheet of OSB cut for me at Home Depot when I bought it. The hardest part about building this bench was having to do everything on the ground. I really needed a workbench to build this workbench!

I followed this plan:

Work Bench

It worked like a charm. I was a little worried, this being the first real woodworking project I have ever done, and I was doing it alone. But it really was fairly simple.

Here is the finished bench:

I was really happy with this project. The whole week at work I was looking forward to the weekend so I could get to work. And once it was completed I was very happy with it. I was proud that I was able to take less than $30 worth of raw material and turn it into something functional and useful. The only drawback was that once I was done I wanted to show it off, and there was no one around. All my friends were busy this weekend, my brother working on his house, and I don’t really know my neighbours well enough to show it off to them. Now I am really looking forward to building some other things.


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