Posted by: smortimer | 2009/04/16

Square Foot Gardening

One of my goals is to build a square foot garden and grow some vegetables and herbs. I also have decided to try growing some flowers, there is a spot in our backyard that has apparently been a breeding ground for thistle plants. Last year we had as many as 10-12 and they got to be about 3′ tall. The problem is the previous owners of the house had planted these flowers in that corner that grow long green shoots, almost 3′ high from early spring until they finally flower in mid summer. So we never knew the thistles were there until they grew higher than these flowers. We have tried to clean them out, but I just know the thistles at least will try to come back.
So I am going to dig down a ways and lay down landscapers fabric and then create a 4′ X 4′ frame and fill it in with new mix and grow some new more attractive flowers there.
Last weekend I picked up the wood I need to make my frames, I am going to make an 8′ X 4′ frame for veggies and herbs, and I am going to make the 4′ X 4′ frame for flowers.
I am going to build the boxes this Saturday since it is supposed to be a very nice day. Then I will get the mix I need to fill in the boxes, a third peat, a third vermiculite and a third compost. I also want to get a compostor so I can make my own rather than buying from a nursery or picking it up from the city.
All in all I have a busy weekend ahead of me!


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