Posted by: smortimer | 2009/04/08

What I Wouldn’t Give . . .

My friend at work today said “what I wouldn’t give to play a round at Augusta”, so I asked him “So then why don’t you?”.  His answer was that there is no way for him to get a round at Augusta, even had he won the lottery he could never get in there.

I think he is crazy, there are few things in life that we cannot possibly do.  Mostly it boils down to what is important to us, what we are willing to trade or give up to get what we want, or think we want.

It has made me think, I often say I want to have my own restaurant, now I wonder what I can do to make that dream come true.  I have some ideas on things I can do work my way closer to owning a restaurant, and now I think I am ready to start doing some of these things.  Even starting this blog is a beginning for me, testing myself, seeing what I am capable of and stretching my creative muscles.


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